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Cost for Apple to Build Its Own Auditorium? $161 Million. Value of Secrecy? Priceless.

Secrecy-conscious Apple is constructing a $161 million theater on its new campus for future product unveilings.

Apple Inc.

Apple takes great pains to keep details of its product announcements under wraps — even going so far as to shroud a venue in a giant white covering, as it did at the De Anza College campus, to keep prying eyes from glimpsing unreleased products.

Now, the Cupertino technology giant is building a $161 million theater at its new campus, according to building permits obtained by BuildZoom. That would give Apple a venue that is entirely under its own control for future unveilings.

Apple also is working on the ultimate recruitment tool: A $74 million fitness facility at the ring-shaped campus.

The $5 billion headquarters has been the subject of intense interest since Apple co-founder Steve Jobs presented renderings of the futuristic Apple Campus 2 to the Cupertino City Council in 2011. The massive four-story “spaceship” will have room to accommodate 12,000 employees.

Apple broke ground last year on the project and expects to complete it by 2016.

A company spokesperson declined comment. However, details of the project are available here.

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