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Texas University Loses Its Minds, Why TaskRabbits Hate TaskRabbit and More #Mustreads

Also, Chris Rock pens a blistering piece on Hollywood's whiteness problem.

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Good morning!

You could get a dog to bring you the morning paper, but then you’d have to feed her kibble. Re/code is much lower maintenance:

  1. The Austin-American Statesman says the University of Texas-Austin lost 100 jars full of brains in formaldehyde. Spooky! Well, sort of. The San Antonio Express-News reports that the missing brains were actually disposed of in 2002, and provides some interesting context about the politics of disposing of human brains.
  2. TaskRabbit, a “sharing economy” company that provides on-demand handypeople, revamped its service this summer and left both its workers and its customers pretty pissed off. For more on that, and a lesson in how not to practice corporate PR, check out this GIF-laden feature at Medium’s Matter.
  3. Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson is back with a story for the Upper West Side’s West Side Spirit, covering New York City’s horrifying spate of traffic accidents and how the courts continue to bungle them.
  4. William Friedkin, director of ur-horror movie “The Exorcist,” tweeted that the new Australian film “Babadook” is the scariest movie he’s ever seen. And judging by this trailer, yeah, it looks pretty frightening.
  5. Chris Rock is making the rounds promoting his new movie “Top Five” (interviews with Grantland, New York magazine, Rolling Stone, etc.), and all the resultant articles are entertaining and funny as hell. But none of them hold a candle to Rock’s own article in the Hollywood Reporter where he takes a chainsaw to the film industry’s white guy problem.

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