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Netflix is posting a fake New Year's Eve broadcast to trick kids into going to bed early

A screenshot from your future 8 p.m. celebration of the new year
A screenshot from your future 8 p.m. celebration of the new year

While America's youths are out frolicking in bars, wearing sparkly glasses with eye holes in the 0 and the 5, and sipping André from plastic champagne glasses, parents will be starting the year off by elaborately lying to their children. Parents have been doing this for years by moving clocks forward, but now, Netflix has joined these lying parents' cause.

Parents can fake the countdown to the New Year the same way they watched a fire crackle on Christmas morning — in the alternate reality of online streaming! Netflix uploaded a three-minute countdown featuring King Julien from the company's upcoming series All Hail King Julien, and a bunch of other animated lemurs. (Yes, this is a spinoff of Madagascar.) "Move over, Ryan Seacrest. I've got my very own on-demand countdown party on Netflix," King Julien "said" in a statement released by Netflix.

The video has some fun party music and concludes with a countdown to the New Year, alongside some animated fireworks. Put it on whenever. Put it on every day and try to convince your kids time is rapidly moving forward to the 2300s. Why not?

"Is it almost midnight yet?," King Julien yells in the video. "Who cares? It's midnight somewhere!"

That's the spirit of New Year's right there! Set back the clocks.If you don't have kids, lie to yourself, and go to bed early. You've had a hard year. You deserve it.

Watch the countdown on Netflix.

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