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This awesome site lets you program the lights on a White House Christmas tree

My tree!
Made With Code

The White House is letting you design the lights on its Christmas trees, using code.

The government worked with Google's Made with Code project to put together a site that lets you program your own lighting design for one of the White House trees. The site uses a visual programming tool that makes it really easy for non-coders to use — I'm a total n00b and I had no trouble figuring out how it worked.

Once you've put in your design and hit "Done," you get to pick which of the White House trees will run your program. The trees are designated by state and territory, so you can pick the tree from your home state — but since the queue is already getting long in some states, you might want to pick a tree that's likely to be less popular and will run your code sooner. (My code's running on the Virginia tree on the evening of Saturday 12/6, in case you're curious.)

Here's the site.Get coding!

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