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Video: Did this woman score the greatest soccer goal of 2014?

This extraordinary goal by Stephanie Roche has been nominated for FIFA's Puskás Award for the best goal of the year.

As you can see in the video above, it was an amazing feat. Roche intercepts the ball as it crosses from behind her, stopping it first with her right foot, then controlling it with a tap on her left, before spinning around to fire a perfectly on-target shot into the goal — all without the ball ever touching the ground.

To put Roche's nomination in the proper context, the Puskás award's rules place significant weight the "importance of the match." Both of the other finalists — Colombia's James Rodriguez and The Netherlands' Robin Van Persie — were nominated for goals they scored during last summer's World Cup final.

Roche's goal, by contrast, took place during an Irish Women's National League match against a team called Wexmouth Youths, before fewer than 100 spectators. Luckily, the Wexmouth manager had arranged to have the game filmed, so Roche's coach was able to get the footage, edit it, and upload it to Youtube.

And yet Roche's skill was impressive enough that many believe she has a chance to win. John Hartson, a former striker for the Welsh national team, told the BBC that her goal was the best of the three:

"It is an unbelievable goal. Both feet, over her shoulder. It is totally instinctive. The technique and contact required to volley a ball that is coming over your head is amazing. If Wayne Rooney or Ronaldo had done something like that you would be talking about it for years.

If she wins, Roche will be the first woman ever to be receive the Puskás award.

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