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White House Unveils Winners of 3-D Holiday Ornament Contest

Fire up your 3-D printer and make one of the ornaments that will hang on a White House tree.

Anthony Quintano - Re/code

The holiday season officially kicked off at the White House earlier this month as First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled this year’s theme and holiday decorations. Among them are the five winners of the White House’s 3-D holiday ornament contest.

Library of Congress ornament

The winning designs ranged from an ornament inspired by the Library of Congress to an ornament featuring 44 stars representing each U.S. president.

The 3-D designs of all five winners (and fifteen runners up), along with instructions on how to print them, can be found here. The Smithsonian also posted details about the winners here.

The contest was more about bragging rights than anything since the five grand prize winners got a robot t-shirt and a sticker. But their ornaments are also now hanging on a White House Christmas tree. Later, the ornaments will join a collection of White House holiday decorations at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

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