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More Than Half of Smartphones Activated on Christmas Were iPhones

Apple sold three iPhones for every one smartphone that Samsung did, while Microsoft's Nokia Lumia line finished third.

It is no surprise that most of the cellphones under the Christmas tree were iPhones, but new data shows that Microsoft’s Nokia line had a pretty good holiday, too.

According to Flurry, Apple phones accounted for 51 percent of Christmas week activations, while Samsung accounted for only about a third that many, at 17 percent. Microsoft’s Lumia line had a pretty decent Christmas, finishing in third place with almost six percent of new activations.

“It’s clear that Santa is no longer into cookies — he prefers Apples,” Flurry said in a blog post. “After those top three manufacturers, the device market becomes increasingly fragmented with only Sony and LG commanding more than one percent share of new activations on Christmas Day. Up-and-comers Xiaomi, Huawei, and HTC all had less than one percent share on Christmas Day.”

Overall, there was also a big push toward “phablets,” a trend that began before the iPhone 6 Plus but which has certainly accelerated with Apple’s move.

“If Christmas is a bellwether for the year ahead, we should expect strong performance from iOS devices and a continued shift to the once-derided phablet form factor,” Flurry said.


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