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Newspapers, Taxi Medallions and Other Safer Investments Than Bitcoin in 2014

Even camera film lost less in value than bitcoin.

Reuters / Mark Blinch

At the outset of the year, bitcoin was scorching as speculators and venture capital firms poured money into sophisticated mining operations, service companies and the techno-currency itself.

But the value of bitcoin, while always volatile, tumbled throughout the year. In fact, Bloomberg points out it was the worst-performing currency of 2014, dropping more than 56 percent. The value peaked above $1,100 a little more than a year ago, but is now trading below $320.

Source: CoinDesk

So what would have been safer places to park your money this year?


Source: Yahoo Finance

Despite the ongoing troubles of the print industry, New York Times Co. shares have only fallen 12 percent year to date.

Taxi medallions

Source: Yahoo Finance

The meteoritic rise of Uber sliced a mere 24 percent off the share value of Medallion Financial, one of the largest publicly traded taxi medallion financing companies.

Camera film

Source: Yahoo Finance

Shares of Kodak, hammered by the one-two punch of digital photography and smart phone cameras, are off 38 percent in 2014.

The U.S. automotive industry

Source: Yahoo Finance

Shares of GM are down about 15 percent so far.

Under your mattress

Shutterstock / John T. Takai

What you lose to inflation you make up for with a good night’s rest.

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