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Keyboard Waffle Iron Sells Like Hotcakes, Surpasses Kickstarter Goal

Batter up! A late push gives Chris Dimino the dough he needs to make his type of breakfast a reality.

Chris Dimino

Chris Dimino set a bold goal for his keyboard waffle iron project.

The Kickstarter effort needed to raise more than $50,000 by Christmas Eve in order to go into production. With just a couple days left, the waffle iron was still more than $5,000 short of the target.

Well, there is good news for those who prefer their breakfast in QWERTY form. As of Christmas, the effort had raised more than $66,000, thanks to a late rush of orders.

“As soon as I noticed we were $1,500 away, I looked up again and suddenly we were just over [$50,000],” Dimino said in an email interview. “It was an immediate relief! The hundreds of additional people that pledged after reaching the goal were really validating, and encouraging.”

With the dough in hand, Dimino now has an April target to start shipping the first of the keyboard-shaped waffle irons. The production models are a more modern take on Dimino’s original prototype, seen above, which was based on a Smith-Corona typewriter.

In email, Dimino said his focus for the next six months will be on cranking out the waffle irons, but he also plans to take some time to think about what’s next. Dimino hopes to sell the product via some online catalogs, on his own website and perhaps at some local events in Brooklyn.

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