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Someone Built Minecraft Creator Notch's New Home in Minecraft

Because of course they did.

Dan Bovey / YouTube

Minecraft creator and Mojang co-founder Markus “Notch” Persson recently set a real estate record when he nabbed a 23,000-square foot mansion in Beverly Hills for $70 million.

It took all of one day for someone to create the house in Minecraft:

This would probably be creepy if Persson didn’t already have a significant cult of personality within the Minecraft community. When he left Mojang following the $2.5 billion Microsoft acquisition earlier this year, Persson was honored with hundreds of YouTube videos and numerous in-Minecraft tributes like this one.

Dan Bovey, the YouTuber who made the mansion in the PC version of Minecraft, said players will be able to download his work soon.

(Hat tip to Game Informer for flagging this.)

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