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Facebook Continues March Into Autoplay Video Ads

Autoplay ads on Facebook are expanding.

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Facebook expanded its video advertising offerings Tuesday, announcing that marketers can now feature autoplay video content within the service’s long-offered App Install ads.

This is the first time Facebook has allowed autoplay video in this ad format, which encourages users to download the featured app directly within the News Feed. The update reiterates what Facebook has been hinting at for some time now, that video ads are going to be a major point of emphasis moving forward.

And, of course — unless you’ve turned off autoplay in your settings — that you will be watching them.

Facebook now offers autoplay video for all of its video ad formats. This includes Premium Video ads, 15-second video clips that the company hopes will one day steal away advertisers from television.

And ads aren’t the only types of video growing on Facebook. The company began autoplaying all user-uploaded video early this year, and even tweaked the News Feed algorithm to increase video content for users who watch it the most.

Also added on Tuesday: Targeting to users on Amazon Fire tablets. Advertisers can now target App Install ads to Amazon Fire users — they could already target users on other devices created by companies like Apple, Samsung and HTC.

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