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This fish was just discovered at a record-breaking 26,000 feet under the sea

Meet the deepest fish ever spotted. What is it? Well, the team thinks that it might be a snailfish, but isn't completely sure, Rebecca Morelle reports at the BBC.

Fish deep snailfish GIF

Life under miles and miles of water can be challenging. Anything beyond 200 meters is too dark for any photosynthesis. (This fish lives in pitch black.) And the pressures get extreme.

An international research team discovered the fish during an unmanned-vehicle exploration of the Mariana Trench, the deepest spot in the seas. The trench is 6.8 miles deep, and only two manned missions have ever gone all the way to the bottom: one in 1960 and one with film director James Cameron in 2012. In comparison, this fish was about 5 miles deep.

The previous fish depth record-holder was a group of pink snailfish found in the Japan Trench.

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