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Bill O'Reilly: Black people should wear "don't get pregnant at 14" shirts

On his Wednesday show, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly told the son of Martin Luther King Jr. that black people should wear shirts inscribed with "don't get pregnant at 14" and "don't abandon your children" instead of shirts calling for justice for police shooting victims.

Guest Martin Luther King III, a human rights activist, told O'Reilly that the nation should come together under a "unifying message" amid protests against racial disparities in the criminal justice system and police use of force.

O'Reilly responded with his own idea of a unifying message. "Don't abandon your children. Don't get pregnant at 14. Don't allow your neighborhoods to deteriorate into free-fire zones. That's what the African-American community should have on their T-shirts," he said.

Martin Luther King III then tried to reframe the conversation, arguing that the nation should focus on systemic problems instead of individual cases of police shootings or protests.

"My dad said that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," King said. "I think we need to use this opportunity to not just focus on that one segment but to focus on the whole, so that we are addressing those issues just as we are addressing instances of police misconduct."

Hat tip to Media Matters and Talking Points Memo for the video.

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