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Longtime Microsoft Executive Dean Hachamovitch Heads for the Exit

Hachamovitch, who for years ran the company's Internet Explorer effort, says it's time for something new.

Adam Tow

Dean Hachamovitch, who for years led Microsoft’s browser effort, said Thursday he is leaving the company after more than 24 years.

“I’m ready to enjoy a different point of view on both tech and life,” he said in a post on his personal blog.

Hachamovitch, a corporate vice president, ran the Internet Explorer team until a reorganization late last year that followed the departure of Windows chief Steven Sinofsky.

Most recently he has led a team within the operating system unit looking at how to better use data and statistics to improve Windows.

Hachamovitch joined Microsoft after college, in 1990, figuring he might spend a year or so on the Office team.

“The opportunity to work with strong people across the industry and to contribute to technology and products that matter has lasted much longer than that.”

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