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MSNBC's "Code Forward" on Hackers and Drones With a Side of Re/code

More video!


Because we never say no to anything at our little startup, we happily agreed to send our staffers, Nellie Bowles and Jason Del Rey, to help launch “Code Forward,” a new online show on MSNBC.

We’ll be assisting as part of a larger effort called Shift, which is a series of web-only MSNBC shows on topics like women’s issues and pop culture. In weeks ahead, our reporters will be doing interviews on the weekly “Code Forward” about — big surprise — tech.

While we are no experts in TV-making at the get-go, our staff has done a lot across the networks of NBC in our first year, especially on CNBC. (Full disclosure: MSNBC’s parent, NBCUniversal, is an investor in Re/code’s parent, Revere Digital, and we also have a wide-ranging news operating agreement with NBCU.)

 Jason Del Rey gets ready for his closeup.
Jason Del Rey gets ready for his closeup.

Overall, though, it’s part of a larger focus by Re/code in 2015 to do more video, which we hear is very trendy these days — hey, kids, we are hep to the vibe! (To be clear: This does not mean I will be appearing in the panda suit on Jimmy Fallon’s show, but a girl can dream.)

So, moving forward, here’s the whole show (“Code Forward” starts more than eight minutes in), as well as the individual segments:

How vulnerable is America to cyber attacks?:

Hollywood reels from Sony hack attack:

Exploring the wild world of drone flight:

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