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Jon Stewart on Cheney’s torture interview: “George W. Bush, thank you for not dying”

On Sunday's "Meet The Press," former Vice President Dick Cheney stubbornly — and, many would argue, illogically — defended the controversial CIA interrogation techniques that were the subject of a recent horrifying report. In part, he seemed to insist that they should not be labeled torture, despite the Senate Intelligence Committee's conclusions, because only the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States deserve that label.

Jon Stewart wasn't convinced. Okay, that's an understatement. The flabbergasted "Daily Show" host slammed a series of clips from the Cheny interview, accusing him at one point of "setting the nation's moral bar at anything incrementally better the most despicable thing that has ever been done to us," and calling his mind "the scariest place in the [redacted] universe."

The segment wrapped up with a more upbeat message from Stewart: an expression of appreciation for the fact that Cheney never became president.  "I'm going to end on a note of gratitude —something I never thought that I would say," Stewart said. "George W. Bush, thank you for not dying while you were in office."

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