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Instagram Unveils New Photo Filters for First Time in Two Years

Meet Crema, Perpetua, Aden, Slumber and Ludwig.

John Pottebaum/ Instagram

New filters are here! New filters are here!

Instagram unveiled five new photo filters Tuesday, the first time in almost two years. Instagram, known for photo filters that let users change the color or contrast of their smartphone pictures, now has 24 total styles, which include: Crema, Perpetua, Aden, Slumber and Ludwig.

If you’re thinking, New filters? So what? you probably don’t know many Instagram users. Photo filters are the kind of topic Instagram diehards talk about when they meet at offline events, and there’s even a website intended to catch users who falsely claim their photo is filter-free (There’s no way that sunset pic wasn’t doctored!). In other words, filters are important to the app’s users.

The update includes additional features, like the ability to edit your filters (hide the ones you never use) and support for slow-motion video uploads.

It also comes less than a week after Instagram announced it had reached 300 million users, and is cracking down on spam and bot accounts at the same time. The new filters are available as part of iOS and Android app updates available Tuesday.

 The original photo (left) compared to the new Perpetua filter
The original photo (left) compared to the new Perpetua filter
Tim Lenardo/ Instagram

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