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Why the CRomnibus is called the CRomnibus

On Thursday night, the House passed a bill to fund the government that political insiders are calling the CRomnibus. Many have wondered where such a strange moniker might have originated and what, precisely, it means. Ezra Klein's explainer on the CRomnibus has the answer:

'Why it's called "the CRomnibus": The bill is being referred to on the Hill as the "CRomnibus". That's because it's a mash-up of an omnibus bill, which is how Congress funds the government when things are working normally, and a continuing resolution (CR), which is how Congress funds the government when it can't come to a deal. In this case, the CR only affects the Department of Homeland Security, which, as mentioned before, will see its funding expire in February.'

Now you know. In my view, CRomnibus is a perfectly cromulent word. Read Ezra's piece for more on the CRomnibus, which is expected to be approved by the Senate and signed into law by President Obama soon.