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Here's the poem Cynthia Ozick wrote about the implosion of The New Republic

The TNR take sweepstakes continues with a very long, very detailed New Yorker piece by former New Republican Ryan Lizza. Read the whole thing for an extremely granular exploration of the ins-and-outs of the magazine's implosion. My favorite part is the detail that Cynthia Ozick, who had written for the magazine in the past, wrote a poem about The New Republic  "inspired by Byron's 'The Destruction of Sennacherib,'" which she emailed to former literary editor Leon Wieseltier.

I decided to turn it into a fun socially shareable widget:

For context, here's the full text of Byron's poem. Sennacherib was the son of Sargon II, Emperor of Assyria which was one of the early political entities in the Fertile Crescent region of what's mostly now Iraq.

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