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Watch Beyoncé explain Beyoncé in an inspiring new video

One year ago, Beyoncé dropped a magical visual album in the middle of the night with absolutely no warning. The album, Beyoncé, included more than a dozen perfectly executed music videos. Now, on the anniversary of that album drop, Beyoncé has released a 12-minute video using clips from those videos, but overlaid with her voice talking about her personal life, her childhood, and her beliefs. "I  have dreams," Beyoncé says, "and I feel like I have the power to actually make those dreams become a reality."

In the video, Queen Bey talks about the hardships she had to overcome to get to her dreams. She also spends a solid two minutes talking about her beliefs about life and her hopes for women:

"I consider myself a feminist even though I was always afraid of that word because people put so much on it. When honestly, it's very simple, I'm a person who believes in equality for men and women. Men and women balance each other out and we have to get to a point where we are comfortable appreciating each other. I have a lot of empathy for men and the pressures that they go through, and the cultures that have been created—especially for African American men. I have the same empathy for women, and the pressures that we go through.  "

The video is called  "Yours & Mine," and it features a lot of the same narratives as her documentary, but the music video background adds an artier, more personal feel to her words. "You can't put your finger on who I am," Beyonce says. "I can't put my finger on who I am. I'm complicated." She's damn right.

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