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You can finally buy Girl Scout cookies online (next year)

Girl Scouts are professionals at guilting passing commuters into buying not one box of thin mints, but three boxes of thin mints and a box of tagalongs. Now, they'll be able to lord over us on the internet as well.

After years of development and planning, Girl Scouts of America has announced that it will allow digital cookie sales starting next season.

"Girls across the country now can use modern tools to expand the size and scope of their cookie business,and learn vital entrepreneurial lessons in online marketing, application use and e-commerce," Sarah Angel-Johnson, who directs the digital cookie effort told the New York Times.

Which girl will be the first to get her "digital entrepreneur" badge? Will internet cookie sales be counted the same as in person cookie sales? The future is bright and full of cookies.

"A lot of people have asked, ‘What took you so long to get online?' We spend a lot of time thinking how do we make this safe, scalable and smart," Kelly M. Parisi, chief communications executive for Girl Scouts of the USA, said at a recent demonstration for select media.

According to the New York Times, scouts will be encouraged to build their own websites and mobile apps to sell their cookies. I'm placing my money on Troop Silicon Valley next year.

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