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Don't Watch Black Friday Brawl Videos, One World Trade Center Looks Bad and More

Plus, a Tumblr feed that gets racists fired.

socram_ yar via Flickr

Good morning!

Welcome to the 2014 homestretch. Re/code is rooting for you:

  1. You know the drill by now. Throughout the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, videos of people brawling on Black Friday over (allegedly) steeply discounted goods make their way around all corners of the Internet, sparking a million dismissive Facebook threads. In the Washington Post, writer Luke O’Neil persuasively argues that this is a bad way for you to feel good about yourself.
  2. “Not so bad should never be good enough.” An excellent way of describing everything wrong (its blandness, its pointless height, its incongruity with the skyline, etc.) with One World Trade Center, from the New York Times’ scathing review this weekend.
  3. Two good stories from the Guardian: A homeless former Amazon warehouse worker who says she’d rather remain homeless than ever work for Amazon again, and a trend piece on how the young people buying foreclosed properties in Detroit are discovering it’s tough to kick people out of the homes they’ve lived in for decades.
  4. Thelonious Martin is a Chicago-based beatmaker who is unbelievably talented and probably a lot younger than you are. His upcoming album, “Wunderkid,” drops on December 2. You can watch a neat teaser trailer for the album, and get a start on the album with this already-released track.
  5. This is cool: A cyber-vigilante who finds people saying horribly racist stuff on social media, contacts the offenders’ employers and posts the results on a Tumblr. Definitely NSFW.

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