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Nov 6, 2014, 5:10pm EST
  • November 7, 2014

    One of the most encouraging numbers from today's jobs report

    The household survey has a margin of error of +/-400,000. Last month we added far more workers than that.

  • November 7, 2014

    The best Jobs Day twitter joke

    Josh Brown, for the win.

  • November 7, 2014

    A piece of very good news from the jobs report

    More people got jobs than left the labor force

  • November 7, 2014

    American workers are still waiting for their raise

    Two percent just isn't fast enough.

  • November 7, 2014

    Employers added 214,000 jobs in October

    The jobless rate also fell slightly, to 5.8 percent.

  • November 7, 2014

    One reason your paycheck might soon start to grow

    Everyone pays attention to the long-term jobless...but here's what the short-term unemployed can tell us

  • November 6, 2014

    October Jobs Day

    It's time for another monthly jobs report. Here's what to expect.

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