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Men in Suits Still Greedy, the Secret to Good Magazine Covers and More #Mustreads

More grim details from the 2007-2008 financial crisis and more.


Hello there!

The Internet is a long and winding path, and Re/code is here with some trail markers:

  1. In a bombshell story for Rolling Stone, journalist Matt Taibbi reports that, seven years after the financial crisis, the government and the banks have long been colluding to cover up major fraud. Good to know that the people pouring gasoline on the couch fire that was the 2008-2009 American economy are getting off scot-free.
  2. Bloomberg Businessweek has the best covers of any major-name magazine today. They are funny, inventive and sufficiently daring without appearing to try too hard. Gizmodo has a neat story about Businessweek’s cover design team, how the magazine came to love the GIF and how they’re bridging the print-digital divide.
  3. Today in awful corners of the Internet: 4chan, the social news site from which September’s celebrity nude photo hacks and Gamergate spawned, is at the center of a murder in Washington State. Pictures from a crime scene that could only have been taken by the perpetrator appeared on the site earlier this week. Ars Technica has more.
  4. Okay! More news on the “Alex From Target” front. BuzzFeed has a monster feature up about how “Alex From Target” and scores of other memes have come from one network of twenty-to-thirtysomething dudes operating teen girl Twitter parody accounts. These men make lots of money posting ads to their accounts’ huge Twitter following. It is startling and creepy that it is so lucrative to be a man pretending to be a teenage girl.
  5. Boy Experiments With Sparkling Wine and Soda Water, Gives Cleaning Service Work for Days.

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