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The 7 best Fox News bloopers from last night (plus a bonus from MSNBC)

Last night's election results may not have been entertaining, but broadcast election coverage certainly was (at least sometimes). Here are some highlights from Fox News's expert coverage throughout the evening:

1) The more you know...

fox news midterm spending

That's a... creative way of putting the most expensive midterm elections ever into perspective.

2) That time Fox News broke a media covenant

Fox News exit polls

It's not illegal in the US per se to report exit poll information before polls officially close, but there's a binding agreement among media outlets to refrain from doing so. Apparently Fox did not get the memo, as it aired these exit poll results around 6p.m. — roughly two hours before polls closed in New Hampshire. (Brown ended up losing, anyway)

3) Introducing: The Predictometer

America's Election HQ is clearly at the forefront of journalistic innovation. Viewers loved their newest contribution to election coverage so much, Fox brought it back later in the evening:

fox predictometer

Overheard at Fox News: "I hope we have enough Sharpies for the Predictometer" and "Don't try this at home. This is grown up serious stuff."

4) Megyn Kelly's binder full of Senate races

fox megyn kelly binder

"Like an adult Regina George, she promises the audience that there are details about each Senate candidate in that book." —Alex Abad-Santos

5) Does Rand Paul still think Republicans suck? Fox wants to know.

Fox's Bret Baier posed a legitimate, albeit awkward, question to Rand Paul: "What do you say to Republicans who say 'Maybe they don't suck so bad'?"

6) Megyn Kelly's not-so-subtle thirst for Scott Brown's modeling pics

Ah, yes. Because Mitch McConnell's polio and Scott Brown's centerfold spread in Cosmopolitan both qualify as comparable, "relevant" facts.

7) What do Ebola and the Redskins have in common?

Absolutely nothing — except, according to Fox News, key influence in the GOP's 2014 midterm election results.

But Tom Brokaw's MSNBC mishap may beat them all:

Even major network news anchors forget to silence their cell phones — and then proceed to have a fake phone conversation to jokingly play it off.

brokaw phone gif

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