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Scott Brown loses New Hampshire Senate race

Darren McCollester / Getty
Andrew Prokop is a senior politics correspondent at Vox, covering the White House, elections, and political scandals and investigations. He’s worked at Vox since the site’s launch in 2014, and before that, he worked as a research assistant at the New Yorker’s Washington, DC, bureau.

Republican Scott Brown has lost his bid to unseat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire. Despite ABC calling the race early for Shaheen, Brown and his supporters held out hope for much of the night that the race would tighten. But around 11:50 PM, Brown finally conceded.

Elected to fill the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in a January 2010 special election, Brown represented Massachusetts for three years in the chamber. But when Elizabeth Warren unseated him in 2012, he moved to New Hampshire and soon decided to try for a bid there.

Brown hoped to become the first person to represent multiple states in the Senate in 135 years. Now, that won't happen.

Updated to reflect new developments.

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