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Beyoncé is releasing a platinum edition of her surprise album

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Beyoncé just picked out your Christmas present
Beyoncé just picked out your Christmas present

Beyoncé Knowles Carter is maybe the only artist from whom two new songs and a four disc box set can be a disappointment.

After weekend rumors of a new Beyoncé album swirled, the singer announced a platinum edition box set with re-releases of her old songs and two bonus tracks. Beyoncé Platinum Edition is a four disc set that includes the original music videos and a concert performance, but it wasn't the full new surprise drop that fans wanted. Here's how fans were able to believe the rumor of a new album even with very little evidence:

Last winter in the middle of the night, Beyoncé broke the law of pop star album releases when she offered up her self-titled album into the world with no warning and zero publicity. Suddenly, Beyoncé appeared in iTunes with a music video for every song. There was no publicity tour beforehand and no regimented build up. By doing what she wanted, Beyoncé taught her audience not to trust her.

After that surprise, fans watch Beyoncé with a constant critical eye. If the woman could create a whole album and 17 videos without news leaking, what else could she do?

It's her past disruption of the status quo that made the rumors on Saturday all the more believable. A track list leaked from an unaffiliated Twitter account with an image that appeared to be a record company release for an upcoming album confirmation.

The track list featured in the image included 11 new songs, and the list seemed to be validated when people found that two of the song titles were registered under Beyoncé's name with ASCAP, the organization that dictates copyrights for songs. Fans itched in anticipation and rumors swirled. It was believable enough for fans to pay attention, and they were on high alert when, on Monday, a Beyoncé album appeared for purchase on Amazon UK.

But Beyoncé — not fans and certainly not rumors — controls her image carefully.

The package will include two CDs including one titled More that has two new songs, "7/11" and "Ring Off," as well as remixes from the album released last December. There will also be two DVDs in the set: one with the music videos that accompanied the album drop, and one with a performance video from the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. The set also includes a Beyoncé mini calendar for 2015, and is currently available for pre-sale on Amazon in Canada and the UK.

After the announcement from Beyoncé, the user who posted the tracklist in the first place, admitted it all was a scam:

However, the tweeted tracklist did include the two songs registered under Beyoncé's name with ASCAP, "DONK" and "Cherry." That means that Beyoncé could release those songs at any time, maybe on this album or maybe some time in the future. It's still possible the announcement of the platinum edition could be a diversion tactic to keep attention away from the Beyhive while they plan another midnight drop.

In all likelihood, Beyoncé hasn't created another full album in a single year while she has been on tour. But what's amazing about the platinum edition is that it showed how powerful Beyoncé is as a business woman. She can generate a massive amount of buzz over what is essentially a collector's edition of songs that fans already bought last December. Because fans don't trust her to play by the rules, it is easy to entertain the idea that the box set could contain a whole new album, and people will buy it to find out. Beyoncé is sneaky, but she's also brilliant.

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