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Election results 2014: News and updates on major midterm races

Mitch McConnell celebrates his 2014 victory.
Mitch McConnell celebrates his 2014 victory.
Aaron Bernstein / Getty Images News

Most of the results from the 2014 Midterm Elections — 36 governor's races, 36 Senate races, and 435 House races, not to mention the many state legislature races — are now in. Even for political junkies, that's a lot to keep track of.

So here's a place for you to follow the results of all of the major races — the ones that are too close to predict, the ones that could pad out Republican control of the Senate, and the ones that speak to important larger issues at play.

First, the big picture: Republicans gained control of the Senate. The GOP will have at least 52 Senators in the new Congress. It could have as many as 55 seats, depending on the results of close votes in Virginia and Alaska and next month's runoff election in Louisiana.

Republicans also appear poised to slightly expand their majority in the House of Representatives. And the GOP won about two-thirds of the governorships that were up for election on Tuesday.

Below, you'll also find the latest on some important ballot initiatives. Conservatives won big in the legislatures, but liberals had major victories in ballot initiatives, including marijuana legalization, minimum wage hikes, gun control, and access to abortions.

This page will update constantly as results come in. Also, check out our Election Day live blog featuring a stream of news, analysis, and video from Vox staffers, and keep up to date with our latest articles on the midterm elections.

All times below are Eastern.

Senate results


Alaska: Mark Begich (D) vs. Dan Sullivan (R). WINNER: Sullivan.

Virginia: Mark Warner (D) vs. Ed Gillespie (R). WINNER: Warner.

Iowa: Joni Ernst (R) vs. Bruce Braley (D). WINNER: Ernst.

North Carolina: Kay Hagan (D) vs. Thom Tillis (R). WINNER: Tillis.

Kansas: Pat Roberts (R) vs. Greg Orman (I). WINNER: Roberts.

Georgia: David Perdue (R) vs. Michelle Nunn (D). WINNER: Perdue.

Colorado: Mark Udall (D) vs. Cory Gardner (R). WINNER: Gardner.

Louisiana: Mary Landrieu (D) vs. Bill Cassidy (R) vs. Rob Maness (R). RESULT: Runoff on December 6.

New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen (D) vs. Scott Brown (R). WINNER: Shaheen.

Arkansas: Mark Pryor (D) vs. Tom Cotton (R). WINNER: Cotton.

Kentucky: Mitch McConnell (R) vs. Alison Lundergan Grimes (D). WINNER: McConnell.

Governor results


Alaska: Sean Parnell (R) vs. Bill Walker (I). WINNER: Walker.

Connecticut: Dan Malloy (D) vs. Tom Foley (R). WINNER: Malloy.

Colorado: John Hickenlooper (D) vs. Bob Beauprez (R). WINNER: Hickenlooper.

Massachusetts: Martha Coakley (D) vs. Charlie Baker (R). WINNER: Baker.

Kansas: Sam Brownback (R) vs. Paul Davis (D). WINNER: Brownback.

Maine: Paul LePage (R) vs. Mike Michaud (D) vs. Eliot Cutler (I). WINNER: LePage.

Vermont: Peter Shumlin (D) vs. Scott Milne (R). RESULT: No majority; legislature will pick governor.

Maryland: Anthony Brown (D) vs. Larry Hogan (R). WINNER: Hogan.

Illinois: Pat Quinn (D) vs. Bruce Rauner (R). WINNER: Rauner.

Georgia: Nathan Deal (R) vs. Jason Carter (D). WINNER: Deal.

Wisconsin: Scott Walker (R) vs. Mary Burke (D). WINNER: Walker.

Michigan: Rick Snyder (R) vs. Mark Schauer (D). WINNER: Snyder.

Florida: Rick Scott (R) vs. Charlie Crist (D). WINNER: Scott.

Texas: Greg Abbott (R) vs. Wendy Davis (D). WINNER: Abbott.

Ballot initiative results


South Dakota

Minimum wage — RESULT: Passed: South Dakota currently has a minimum wage of $7.25. Measure 18 would would raise it to $8.50 per hour in 2015. In addition, it would raise the minimum wage for tipped workers (such as waiters) from $2.13 to $4.25 per hour.


Marijuana Legalization — RESULT: PassedBallot Measure 2 would allow adults 21 and older to possess up to one ounce of pot and maintain six marijuana plants. The measure would legalize production and sales, which the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board — or a Marijuana Control Board, if one is created — would regulate. The measure would also tax marijuana at the point of sale at $50 per ounce.

Minimum wage — RESULT: PassedBallot Measure 3 would bump the state's minimum wage from its current $7.75 to $8.75 in 2015, then $9.75 per hour in 2016. After that, it would be adjusted for inflation.


Marijuana Legalization — RESULT: Passed: Measure 91, would allow adults 21 and older to possess up to eight ounces and four plants of marijuana. It would also legalize production and sales, which the Oregon Liquor Control Commission would regulate. The measure would also tax marijuana at the point of sale at $35 per ounce, with the revenue set aside for enforcement and education programs.

GMO-labeling Initiative — RESULT: Defeated: Oregon's Proposition 92 would have required packaged foods with genetically modified ingredients to include the words "genetically engineered" on the front or back of the product "clearly and conspicuously."


Legislative Powers Amendment — RESULT: Passed: Amendment 1 in Tennessee is not a specific restriction on abortion access. Instead, it will add a new section to the state constitution specifying that the document does not protect a legal right to abortion, even in cases of pregnancies resulting from rape or incest.

North Dakota

Personhood Amendment — RESULT: Defeated: Measure 1, if passed, would have made North Dakota the first state to define life as beginning at conception. The ballot initiative would have added the following language to the state's constitution: "The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected."

Washington, DC

Marijuana Legalization — RESULT: PassedInitiative 71 will allow adults 21 and older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, grow up to six plants, and give marijuana to other adults 21 and older. It will not legalize, regulate, or tax sales, because voter initiatives in DC can't have a direct impact on the local budget.


Medical Marijuana Legalization - RESULT: Defeated: Amendment 2 would have legalized marijuana to treat "debilitating medical conditions" such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, or "other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient." The Florida Department of Health would have set up regulations for medical marijuana cards and treatment centers.


GMO-labeling Initiative — RESULT: Defeated: Here's the text of Colorado's Proposition 105, which has exemptions for animals fed with GMO crops and for food served in restaurants.

Personhood Amendment — RESULT: Defeated: Colorado's Amendment 67 would have added "unborn human beings" to the definition of "person" and "child" in the state's criminal code. This is a less sweeping version of the personhood ballot initiative that Colorado rejected in 2008 and 2010, which would have added unborn human beings to other parts of state law.


Minimum wage — RESULT: Passed: Currently, Arkansas' minimum wage is $6.25 per hour - $1 below the federal level. Arkansas' Issue 5 ballot measure will bump the hourly minimum wage to $7.50 in 2015, $8 in 2016 and $8.50 in 2017.


Minimum wage — RESULT: Passed: The Illinois minimum wage increase question asks voters if they'd like to raise the hourly minimum wage to $10 per hour in 2015. However, the measure is nonbinding.


Minimum wage — RESULT: Passed: Nebraska's Initiative 425 would bump its minimum wage from $7.25 now to $8 in 2015 and $9 in 2016.

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