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Skype Co-Founder Niklas Zennstrom Puts His Mouth Where His Money Is (Full Video)

Zennstrom explains how Atomico looks outside the U.S. first and also talks about recent investments.

Asa Mathat

While most tech investors set up shop on Sand Hill Road and look primarily around Silicon Valley, Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom takes a decidedly different approach with his venture capital firm, Atomico.

Speaking at the Code/Mobile conference, Zennstrom explained Atomico’s philosophy — namely to look outside the U.S. first when it comes to investing.

He also discussed Supercell and Rovio, two Finnish game companies in which Atomico has invested, and the challenges that mobile game companies face in moving beyond a single hit.

Zennstrom also talked about recent investments — mobile news site SmartNews and Swedish caller ID firm Truecaller.

And he discussed how his progeny — Skype — is faring in the hands of Microsoft.

Here’s the full video of his talk:

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