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Marketing Startup Gigya Raises $35 MIllion

Gigya raised $35 million in a round led by Intel Capital.


Gigya, a software company known for its social login technology, has raised $35 million in new venture funding, according to CEO Patrick Salyer.

The round was led by new investor Intel Capital, the chip maker’s investment arm, and includes a half dozen existing investors. As part of the deal, Gigya will partner with Intel Security in some capacity, says Salyer, who says he isn’t prepared to share details of the partnership. Gigya has now raised $104 million since it was founded in 2006.

Gigya technology helps big brands like Fox or CNN handle social login and user identity information on their websites in order to create customer profiles. The company is known for technology that works with social login, enabling people to create a profile on a third-party site like CNN with their existing social profile from platforms like Facebook or Google. But Salyer says that managing and protecting consumer identities in arenas outside of social — identities tied to credit cards and payments, for example — is what the company is focused on long term.

“The future of identity is beyond social,” said Salyer. “It’s about payments, it’s about seamless biometric login (fingerprints), too.”

Salyer plans to use the money to grow Gigya’s workforce and expand internationally; the company already has 325 employees and seven offices worldwide.

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