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Verizon and AT&T Plan LTE Call Interoperability by 2015

The carriers said they expect customers to be routing calls across their networks over LTE by sometime next year.

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Verizon said Monday that it is working with AT&T so that subscribers can use advanced calling features made possible by routing calls over the companies’ respective LTE networks.

The companies said they expect to be able to provide Voice over LTE call interoperability next year. In addition to being more efficient for the carriers, routing calls over the LTE data network can pave the way for improved audio quality, video chat and other features.

Verizon started offering VoLTE calling as an option for its customers earlier this year, though the advanced calling features work only when both sides of the call have a compatible phone, are on Verizon’s LTE network and have the feature enabled.

The carriers called on others in the industry to join in the interoperability work.

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