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VoodooPC Founder Rahul Sood Leaves Microsoft Ventures

The former gaming PC entrepreneur is off to start another new company.


Rahul Sood, the gaming PC entrepreneur who two years ago launched the Bing Fund (now Microsoft Ventures), has resigned from the software giant in order to work on a new gaming startup, Unikrn.

Sood announced the move in a personal blog post.

“I basically created my dream job and now I’m leaving it — this is the kind of crazy shit entrepreneurs do (or at least I keep telling myself that!)” he wrote. “My gaming past continues to drive unrest inside me, starting with Voodoo, and then advising various companies including Razer and Vrvana, and now … I’m on a mission to create a unicorn, therefore I’ll be leaving Microsoft to create Unikrn (details forthcoming).”

Sood came to prominence as the founder of VoodooPC, a Canadian boutique PC maker which specialized in tricked-out machines with equally tricked-out prices that appealed to hard-core PC gamers. He sold the company to Hewlett-Packard in 2006. Within three years, the Voodoo brand within HP was essentially dead.

He initially stayed on at HP as CTO of global gaming, and also served as something of an evangelist for webOS after HP bought Palm in 2010. He resigned from HP suddenly that year, explaining later that “HP wasn’t the right place for me,” and within a year he had landed at Microsoft.

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