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How to wrap a present without any tape — and other helpful tips

Wrapping presents just might be the most horrible of holiday tasks.

Many, many people put off gift wrapping until the last possible moment, but this lack of holiday spirit should be squashed at all costs. Presents should be wrapped as soon as they are bought, all the better for people to shake them and lift them and guess what's inside. That's half the fun.

For some of you, though, it's too late for that. Christmas is rapidly approaching and presents bought months ago need to be wrapped now. For most normal presents (i.e., anything in a box), watch the video above that will instruct you on how to wrap any rectangular object so that it looks like the packages Zooey Deschanel places under trees in Elf.

But what if your present isn't in a box? Here are six videos to help you wrap your present, no matter your predicament:

Wrapping presents that are not rectangular is far too difficult. In most cases, Vox recommends you scroll down to the "how to stuff a gift bag" video. But sometimes, bags are elusive, or there is no tissue paper. If wrapping your nephew's soccer ball in Santa paper is your only option, the above video is here to help.

The most unusually wrapped presents are cats, so they require their own how to video. This cat is very subdued, and therefore easy to wrap. That is not guaranteed to happen in all cases. But don't let this dissuade you! Cats make great holiday presents, so don't think you can't wrap them just because they don't like the paper.

Don't have wrapping paper? Are you a kindergarten teacher with access to lots of construction paper? Then never fear! Here is how to wrap a gift using that colorful cornerstone of arts and crafts projects instead!

Many times when wrapping presents professionally, it is easy to run out of tape far before running out of paper. This video shows you what to do when you end up in that mess.

Putting things in a gift bag seems simple until a present placed in one is entirely visible to outsiders, ruining the fun of trying to guess what's inside. Use these tips to avoid ruining the holidays with your poorly stuffed bag. Don't be that person. C'mon.

If you are in a true holiday bind and really need help, maybe you're lucky enough to have some trusty tinfoil in your house. Who needs wrapping paper or tape? Just smush this stuff around the gift and voila! Happy holidays!

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