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A Keyboard Waffle Iron for the Holidays?

The project hopes to raise $50,000 by Christmas Eve to turn a waffle dream into reality.

For those waffling on what to get the computer lover in their life, one tasty possibility is a keyboard-shaped waffle iron.

Unfortunately, it’s more of a tasty idea than a meal at this point. So far, the inventors have raised more than $18,000 of their $50,000 goal on Kickstarter, which is listed as a staff pick on the crowd-funding site.

The waffle iron’s creator, Chris Dimino, hopes to raise the amount by Christmas Eve. Orders will be taken through then, but the irons will not be available until April.

Dimino’s original design, from seven years ago when he was in design school, used a Smith-Corona typewriter, but it turns out that typewriters aren’t meant to handle the amount of heat needed to turn batter into waffles.

“I wanted to turn an obsolete typewriter into something useful,” Dimino said in an interview. “I think after staring at the keys long enough it started to look like a waffle to me.”

Here’s the video:

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