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Disney's Maker Studios and Wikia Collaborate to Create "Year in Fandom" Series

Commemorating milestones in pop culture.

Maker Studios/Wikia

Disney’s Maker Studios and Wikia, an online network of fan communities, will launch a new video series: “The Year in Fandom.”

Creators from the Maker digital studio and fans from Wikia will jointly produce videos to commemorate milestones in pop culture, entertainment and gaming — from highlights of the New York Comic Con, to the theatrical premiere of the star-crossed teen romance “The Fault in Our Stars,” or the launch of the videogame Alien: Isolation, which continues the story of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi action-adventure films.

The collaboration brings together the expertise of Wikia’s top contributors with emerging Maker Gen talent to create videos for distribution on Wikia’s own site, on Maker’s own platform,, and on YouTube. The first of these videos will be released on Monday, Dec. 1.

Wikia Senior Vice President Jennifer Betka said the site’s top contributors gain expertise in video creation by working side by side with Maker’s videographers. Meanwhile, Maker’s chief audience officer, Chris Williams, said the studio gets to broaden its talent pool.

The partnership has already resulted in some quirky combinations, including one pairing of a devotee of the AMC period drama “Mad Men” with the creator of the Drinks Made Easy YouTube channel.

“We hope to continue to define projects that allow for creators and super fans to come together and be in the spotlight,” said Betka.

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