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Thanksgiving food arranged in the style of your favorite artist

Some dinner hosts are really, really into food presentation. Some are even downright obnoxious about it. (Seriously, there is no need for a napkin to ever be in the shape of a turkey.)

If you're one of the turkey-napkins people, but you're looking to have a little more class, here are eight ideas for making your Thanksgiving dinner the most artistic one ever! All you have to do is copy some of history's greatest artists.

The food arrangements were created and shot by San Francisco artist Hannah Rothstein. She is selling the prints and plans on donating a portion of the proceeds to the SF-Marin foodbank.

1) Georges Seurat

Dinner art 1

2) Vincent Van Gogh 
Art 2

3) Pablo Picasso

Art 3

4) Jackson Pollock

Art 4

5) Piet Mondrian

Art 5

6) Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol art

7) Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko

8) Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman

Happy Thanksgiving

(H/t Neatorama)

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