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Oh No, Noto Again With a Twitter DM Gaffe?

Repeat after me: A DM is not a tweet.

Here’s a requirement I am hereby instituting as part of the job of being a top exec at Twitter: An ability to use the Direct Message feature on the service without broadcasting it to everyone in existence.

And yet, it appears as if the social communications company’s CFO Anthony Noto may have done it again, this time with a cryptic message tonight, in which he apparently wrote to someone: “No just limited.”

Hmmm. I have no idea what this means in any way, but I have a distinct feeling the tweet has nothing to do with turkey and/or pumpkin pie.

If it’s indeed another snafu, Noto has been here before. And just days ago, after he sent out a tweet earlier this week about a potential acquisition target in what appeared to be a DM that was tweeted out publicly and very accidentally. As Kurt Wagner reported, it was quickly deleted by Noto, but not before many captured a screen grab of the tweet.

The new potential Noto mis-sent DM was also found by Josh Weinberger, as you can see below, although the original tweet is now gonzo.

I properly sent a successful direct message to Noto and other Twitter execs to determine if it was another DM-fail or not.

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