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Nancy Pelosi gives delicious and terrible diet advice

Getting into the holiday spirit, Nancy Pelosi tweeted this recipe for her family's chocolate mousse recipe:

Two things stand out about this recipe. First, it looks delicious; I would partake in some Pelosi Family Chocolate Mousse in a heartbeat.

Second, there is absolutely no way this recipe is "good for you," at least not in the nutritional sense. The entire thing has 5,333 calories, according to the Department of Agriculture's nutritional information. If you divide it into eight servings, that works out to 666 calories per person — about a third of what a person is supposed to eat in a given day.


Maybe the "good for you" bit is a joke? Maybe it's more of in the "you'll enjoy eating this" sense? Who knows. But it's definitely clear that, however delicious this mousse may be, it is definitely not health food.

Correction: An initial version of the graph in this story incorrectly called Nancy Pelosi's recipe one for "Chocolate Mouse." Neither Vox nor the minority leader endorse or suggest eating rodents for dessert.

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