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The New Yorker takes on the racial divide in Ferguson with this brilliant cover

Here's the cover of next week's New Yorker magazine, drawn by Bob Staake:

new yorker

(The New Yorker)

Staake, who lived in St. Louis for 17 years, writes about how he decided on the image for the New Yorker's culture blog:

I wanted to comment on the tragic rift that we’re witnessing...At first glance, one might see a representation of the Gateway Arch as split and divided, but my hope is that the events in Ferguson will provide a bridge and an opportunity for the city, and also for the country, to learn and come together."

This isn't the first time the New Yorker has tackled Ferguson on its cover. The magazine produced a haunting "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" image for the edition that came out the week after Michael Brown's death.

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