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Airbnb's Second Estate, Using Facebook to Prove Your Residency and More #Mustreads

Plus, two mashups: West/Smith and Kalanick/Vanderbilt.


Good morning!

Re/code went and picked up some milk, eggs and content at the store. Just leave some change on the kitchen table:

  1. Airbnb puts a lot of effort into publicly courting people who use the service, and then plastering ads of those happy users all over the place. Left unseen and unspoken of are the entrepreneurs who use Airbnb to rent out multiple listings and generate big revenue for themselves and Airbnb. It’s these folks who also get the company in trouble with regulators. The New York Times Magazine has the story.
  2. Immigrants looking to prove their residency to the U.S. government are citing their Facebook and Foursquare check-ins as evidence of their time in the country. Fast Company has more on this, and how Obama’s recent immigration policy announcement ties in.
  3. He ignores government regulators and uses ethically murky tactics to fight competitors. He’s responsible for a revolution in transportation. And he won’t shut up about innovation. He is Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr., and he is also Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. The Harvard Business Review explains.
  4. This is a sublime mashup of Kanye West (“Can’t Tell Me Nothing”) and Sam Smith (“I’m Not the Only One”) that might be better than either of the original songs. The orchestral backdrop and Smith’s vocals elevate Kanye’s rapping, a reminder of other Kanye classics like “Touch the Sky” or “Family Business.” Thanks to the Verge for flagging.
  5. Today, a snowstorm is likely going to ruin a bunch of peoples’ Thanksgiving plans all along the East Coast if it hasn’t already. It’s as good a time as any to play around with NOAA’s nifty data visualization tool, and visualize what Thanksgiving could look like in the Bahamas.

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