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Apple and App Developers to Raise Funds for Global Fund to Fight AIDS

Apple has donated $75 million over the past eight years.


Apple and the makers of 25 apps including Angry Birds and Clash of Clans will commemorate the start of the holiday gift-giving season with a campaign to benefit the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

For the next two weeks, a section of the App Store called Apps for (RED) will offer apps with exclusive new content where all proceeds benefit the organization.

Apple also said it would donate a portion of sales at its retail and online stores around the world on two of the biggest shopping days of the year: Friday, Nov. 28 and Monday, Dec. 1.

“For eight years, our customers have been helping fight AIDS in Africa by funding life-saving treatments,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement. “This year we are launching our biggest fundraising push yet with the participation of Apple’s retail and online stores, and some of the brightest minds in the App Store are lending their talents to the effort as well.”

Since Apple joined U2 frontman Bono’s and Bobby Shriver’s campaign to combat the spread of AIDS, the Cupertino technology giant has donated $75 million.

Apps for (RED) marks the first time the App Store has supported the effort. Starting Monday, every time a customer buys a (PRODUCT)RED app or purchases an exclusive item — say, a special set of red Mighty Feathers in the Angry Bird game — all proceeds will go to the Global Fund.

On Black Friday, Apple customers in the U.S. will receive a (RED) iTunes gift card with the purchase of certain Apple products. For each gift card distributed, Apple will donate a percentage to the fund.

Apple also will donate a portion of every sale at the company’s retail and online stores on Dec. 1, which is World AIDS Day.

More information about Apple’s World AIDS Day 2014 campaign, including Apps for (RED), is available at Other Project (RED) partners include Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Live Nation.

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