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Re/code on TV: The Return of the Mac, Uber's Toes and Snapcash

Plus, a discussion of connected women, and Mozilla swaps Google search for Yahoo

Over on our partner CNBC this week, Walt Mossberg talked about his essay on the return of the Mac, which he attributes to three main factors: Steve Jobs, the Internet and blunders by Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Kara Swisher addressed the topics of the moment: Amazon’s expanding services, Uber shooting itself in the foot (“I don’t believe they have any more toes left”) and Obama running back from the presidential helicopter to grab his BlackBerry.

Kurt Wagner went on Tech News Today to talk about Snapchat’s new money-sending feature, Snapcash.

And I went on Marketplace to discuss Mozilla ditching Google for Yahoo as its default search tool for the next five years.

I was also on Alicia Menendez’s show on Fusion for a discussion about connected women.

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