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Seth Meyers Dubs Travis Kalanick "The Boober Guy"

And that will be his moniker from now on. Thank you, "Late Night" and Uber!

Re/code via YouTube

Here at Re/code, we say thinky things about Uber executive Emil Michael’s imbroglio over maybe-private remarks made in front of a BuzzFeed reporter, and talk seriously with the journalist he targeted, Sarah Lacy.

Over at “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” it’s a different story. The former “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update host used his laser-like wit to fillet the entire story, serving up a simple series of tasty sound bites that are only hard to swallow if your name is Emil or Travis.

The segment is an update of “Really?!”, the one he used to do with Amy Poehler, and is called “Couple Things.” Some highlights:

About Kalanick’s admission that his newly-found popularity with the ladies led him to call his company Boober: “What exactly is going on with the corporate culture at Uber? … Are you a man, or did they just spray Axe Body Spray into a suit until it became sentient?”

About Michael’s claim that the whole chat-with-journalists dinner was supposed to be off the record: “That’s like Voldemort walking into Hogwarts and saying, ‘Hey, just so you guys know, I’m gonna burn this place to the ground. And that is off the record, Hermione!'”

On Kalanick’s tweetstorm Twitter-pology: “No one wants to read something on Twitter in 13 parts. It’s not a season of ‘Mad Men.'”

And of course, there’s this delicious new nickname that Kalanick will have a hard time shaking. Well, here. Take a look for yourself.

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