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Moleskine Partners With Adobe in Latest Bid to Make Paper Notebooks High Tech

New "smart" notebooks from Moleskine and a companion app make it easy to sketch on paper and take the result straight into Illustrator or Photoshop.

Being in the business of making paper notebooks, it would seem like Moleskine’s existence would be at odds with technology.

And, its overall business may be. But Moleskine has also found a nice niche marrying technology to its old-fashioned paper products.

The company already has digital tie-ins with Evernote and Livescribe, and on Thursday the company is announcing another partnership, this time with Adobe.

A new Moleskine app for iPhone will allow sketches made in new Moleskine Smart Notebooks to be scanned more easily into Adobe’s software. The app is designed to align to the notebooks, eliminating distortion, with the resulting images able to be synchronized directly into Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

“We don’t see a conflict between digital and analog tools,” Moleskine VP Maria Sebregondi said in a statement. “For us the digital realm is another open platform for creativity and self-expression. Rather than make our fans choose between analog and digital, they should be able to navigate both seamlessly.”

The special notebooks, which contain alignment marks and other features designed to allow the images to be digitized more accurately, will cost $32.95 and start shipping next month.

Adobe is, of course, also making it easier than ever to bypass the notebook, especially with its latest apps designed to tap phones and tablets for quick sketches.

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