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That Time a Monkey Humped Larry King, the Future of Pancakes and More #Mustreads

Larry King's arm's biggest fan, Businessweek and the Wall Street Journal square off over breakfast and more.

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If you think of the Internet as a petting zoo, then think of Re/code as your personal Jack Hanna, bringing you the friendliest, least-smelly animals of the lot:

  • Speaking of Jack Hanna, in January 2001 Larry King brought the zookeeper on “Larry King Live.” During the show, a monkey briefly started humping King’s arm. Elon Green, in the Awl, talked with King about it, and King remembers the moment fondly. Yes, there is video.
  • In the L.A. County Men’s Central Jail (which houses between 3,900 to 4,700 inmates daily), there’s a 400-person part of the facility called “K6G,” which is “the gay wing” of the jail. There are impromptu drag shows, fewer violent incidents and even weddings, replete with hand-stitched gowns and suits. Read more about K6G in L.A. Weekly.
  • As Bloomberg’s Matt Levine pointed out on Twitter, two leading business publications have opposite takes on pancakes. The Wall Street Journal says family breakfasts are on the rise, which means more people are eating pancakes. Bloomberg Businessweek says otherwise. Which legacy media institution is ruining breakfast food for everyone? You decide!
  • Hatsune Mike is a Japanese pop star with 2.5 million fans on Facebook. She has opened for Lady Gaga. She even performed on Letterman. She is also a Vocaloid, “an avatar of voice synthesizing software.” So some people think she represents the end of music. Vulture has the story.
  • Friendsgiving is “the worst.” It reduces the glorious mess of family at Thanksgiving to #nofilter Instagrams and dorm-roomy Thought Catalog headlines. To get your fill of Friendsgiving hate, Foster Kamer wrote a funny piece about how it’s killing one of the few worthwhile American traditions, and the Internet is partly to blame. You can read the whole thing at First We Feast.

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