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Re/code on TV: Tim Cook Is Gay and Kim Kardashian West Loves BlackBerrys

The future is now.

Asa Mathat

It was a big week for the tech world. Kim Kardashian West offered to buy BlackBerry, tech stocks rallied, and Tim Cook, the 54-year-old leader of one of the country’s largest and most beloved companies, wrote publicly about being gay. Not only did he acknowledge it openly for the first time — he said it was the greatest gift God had given him.

This week’s videos by the Re/code staff below.

The future is now, says Walt Mossberg:

Mossberg and Kara Swisher on Kim Kardashian’s BlackBerry obsession:

Swisher on how Tim Cook’s gay essay makes a difference:

Swisher talked about the business case for diversity:

Swisher on how Tim Cook affects global business:

Swisher on … Tim Cook being gay and what happens next:

Swisher on LinkedIn, GoPro and Groupon (!!) stocks rallying:

Swisher on Instagram now having video ads:

And wait, more Tim Cook! Did we forget about Tim? No, we did not. Arik Hesseldahl on the Apple CEO’s coming out:

And, finally, Hesseldahl on whether 3-D printers could print themselves.

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