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Supply and demand, dance-splained

Here at Vox, we love anything that explains complex topics in a fun way. Like, say, this dance-splainer (above), which will teach you about supply and demand through fancy footwork. Like this.

Dance 2 gif

The video, adorably titled Supply and Dance, Man!, is part of the We The Economy series, a collection of 20 films that explain the basics of the US economy. The series was created by Paul G. Allen of Vulcan Productions, and Morgan Spurlock's Cinelan. (Spurlock is the director of films like Supersize Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, as well as the creator of TV series 30 Days and Inside Man.)

The films are a collaboration between 10 economics experts and 20 filmmakers, including some well-known directors like Ramin Bahrani and Adrian Grenier. Supply and Dance, Man! is directed by John Chu, the dance cinematographer best known for his work on the Step Up franchise, and The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

Now you know how supply and demand works! And some fancy new moves!

Correct dance gif

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