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Nest Labs for Toilets, Dave Chappelle's Return and More #Mustreads

Adult Swim's "smart" toilet, Dave Chappelle's glorious re-re-return and more.

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Hello there!

The Internet is a raging dumpster fire of content, and Re/code’s ready with the oven mitts:

  1. Previously, Adult Swim gave us the strange joy of Too Many Cooks. Now it’s taking on Silicon Valley with an 11-minute parody informercial on Smartpipe, a “smart” toilet. Please watch until the end.
  2. A decade ago, Dave Chappelle was at the height of his fame, with a hit TV show and sold-out stand-up shows wherever he went. Then, he disappeared from the public eye. Now he’s back, with some great stories to tell — including the time he met Toronto mayor Rob Ford — in an interview with GQ.
  3. Do you consider yourself a “disruptor?” Do you wear hoodies on all occasions, and can you say things like “game-changing content” and “self-innovate” without feeling your soul deaden? Visit this Tumblr, and let Shingy tell you what your job title could be in Silicon Valley.
  4. In an excellent bit of science journalism, the Verge’s Liz Lopatto has a great longish read about the thinning numbers of starfish, what this trend says about the health of the oceans and what marine biologists are doing to save a key part of oceanic ecosystems.
  5. Johannes Auvinen, a.k.a. “Tin Man,” makes top-quality ambient electronic music that’s hard to fit into conventional categories. This hour-long mix, hosted on the music site Resident Advisor, is soft and cool, perfect to listen to while working or avoiding your inbox.

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