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Vape: Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year

A man vapes.
A man vapes.
Dan Kitwood / Getty Images News
  1. The Oxford Dictionaries named "vape" the word of 2014.
  2. "Vape" was chosen due to its growing cultural significance, particularly as e-cigarettes and marijuana legalization spread.
  3. Other words on Oxford Dictionaries' shortlist: bae, budtender, contactless, indyref, normcore, and slacktivism.

What is "vape"?

To vape is to inhale vapor from an e-cigarette or a similar device, such as a marijuana vape pen. It's widely seen as a safer way of consuming nicotine or marijuana than conventional smoking, since the vapor from e-cigarettes and vape pens doesn't contain as many toxic chemicals or carcinogens as smoke. Vaping has become much more popular in recent years due to the increasing production and marketing of e-cigarettes and, to a smaller extent, marijuana vape pens.

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