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Map: The most-stolen vehicle in every state

What are America's car thieves' vehicles of choice? No, not Ferraris or even, really, any other type of hot sports car. Rather, it's sensible Honda sedans and Ford F-150s.

According to data from the non-profit National Insurance Crime Bureau, the most-stolen car in the US in 2013 was the Honda Accord. Here's how those thefts break down by state, as mapped by Priceonomics.

Stolen vehicles

Source: Priceonomics

Maybe it's not what you'd expect — after all: Dodge Caravans?

But there are two big reasons why these vehicles are stolen most. One, they're everywhere, as NICB spokesman Frank Scafidi told Priceonomics. Indeed, according to Kelley Blue Book, Ford F-series pickups and Chevrolet Silverados were the No. 1 and No. 2-selling vehicles in the US this year, as of August.

Second, those vehicles are stolen not to drive but to sell for parts, Scafidi said — lots of people own Honda Accords, which means lots of people at some point need parts for Honda Accords. Where there's that kind of demand, supplying parts can be super-profitable.